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Tattooed in Thailand

Two best friends, in an attempt to reconcile with their girlfriends agree to do the girl's favorite things. Upon going to a Salon and seeing all the wonderful treatments available, they recognize that women have this secret world of "touch" they are keeping from men. Both men find salons a virtual wonderland and soon become addicted spending everything they have on spa treatments. They both lose their jobs, girlfriends and all their possessions. Desperate to continue the treatments they move to Thailand, because of the lesser cost.

All along this addictive path there is adventure. They end up in a Thai jail and are rescued by their girlfriends through an intervention.

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Ultimate Trouble

Who would of thought there could possibly be anymore "Trouble?" In the final chapter of Jeff Shapiro's "Trouble Series", there is not only "Trouble," but "Ultimate Trouble." Hang on as the author takes you on a ride through some of his most humiliating and sometimes death defying experiences. Unfortunately, except for a little exaggeration, these things really happened. So, as uncomfortable as it may sometimes get, it is okay to laugh, and laugh you will!
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Like Perspectives, Perditions is fast-moving and full of facts about the Intelligence community that you have probably never heard or read. Remember, it is fiction and I do have a tendency to let my imagination get the better of me. Once you begin, hang on, because you are in for the ride of your life.
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On a Spring day in 1953, eleven-year-old William Henry finds a young boy of color, abandoned by his parents in the tobacco fields in Jonesborough Tennessee. "
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Perspectives Aaron's Ride Redeeming Joshua How I found more trouble How I found trouble

"Perspectives is one of the best suspense thrillers I have ever read.
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"I loved Aaron's Ride. It was just so real and filled with so much adventure.
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"Redeeming Joshua is a great read!
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"The How I Found Trouble Books are absolutely timeless.
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"I have recommended and given Jeff's How I Found Trouble books to several of my friends and family members.
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Tattooed in Thailand

How I Found
Ultimate Trouble and
Ultimate Trouble Found Me


The Front Porch


Aaron's Ride

Redeming Joshua

How I Found More Trouble

How I Found Trouble

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