Tattooed Cover

Tattooed in Thailand

Two best friends, in an attempt to reconcile with their girlfriends, agree to do the girl’s favorite things. Upon going to a Salon and seeing all the wonderful treatments available, they recognize that women have this secret world of “touch” they are keeping from men. Both men find salons a virtual wonderland and soon become addicted spending everything they have on spa treatments. They both lose their jobs, girlfriends and all their possessions. Desperate to continue the treatments, they move to Thailand because of the lesser cost.

All along this addictive path there is adventure. They end up in a Thai jail and are rescued by their girlfriends through an intervention

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Perditions Cover


For those of you who have not read the first book in this series entitled, Perspectives you should skip this introduction and go directly to the first chapter. It is okay to read the second volume, Perditions without having read Perspectives because I explain the past events within the story line; I just don’t explain them in this introduction.

As I sat down to write the sequel to Perspectives, I had to answer two questions. First, what would the emotional damage of having a terrorist for a wife and mother be on her husband and her seven-year-old daughter? History teaches us, that no one, however justified, can truly understand the full effect of their actions on the people whom they love. An action such as a terrorist event that kills over a thousand innocent people affect’s generations. Just imagine if the person responsible was your wife or your mother.

Secondly, I had to decide who would be my hero for the remaining books in this series. From the beginning of Perspectives, I always wanted it to be Carly, who to me represents the perfect underdog. However, I didn’t quite know how I could turn a traumatized seven-year-old into a super agent. So, in Perditions, I had to begin by explaining just how far Carly had fallen during the following 12 years and begin the journey of rescuing her from the dark emotional pit that her mother threw her. The goal was to develop her into someone with a unique type of genius, who could offer this gift to the intelligence community. I apologize in advance for the graphic detail I have written to describe the depth and nastiness of her pit, but knowing other children who had experienced trauma and dealt with it through drugs and alcohol, I believe my descriptions to be fairly realistic. The path back to life is not without adventure and is full of confrontation with all the dealers, perverts, criminals and demons whom she has let into her life.

Like Perspectives, Perditions is fast-moving and full of facts about the Intelligence community that you have probably never heard or read. Remember, it is fiction and I do have a tendency to let my imagination get the better of me. However, nearly all the training techniques, weaponry and scientific information are well researched, even though some of the devices haven’t been invented yet. Once you begin, hang on, because you are in for the ride of your life. I hope you enjoy …

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Front Porch Cover

The Front Porch

On a Spring day in 1953, eleven-year-old William Henry finds a young boy of color, abandoned by his parents in the tobacco fields in Jonesborough Tennessee. William and his 78-year-old Auntie Hawke hide the child in the family barn and slowly integrate him into their family, but the Jonesborough community has a different opinion of this young stranger. On the front porch of their clapboard farm house Auntie corrects everything William hears and sees form his teachers, friends and school yard peers. Segregation, bigotry and hatred were prime topics of discussion, as Auntie tries to root out many of the lessons that have infected William’s mind. However, it is not until the young boy runs away, that William finds out first hand, about love, friendship and responsibility.

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Perspectives Cover


Jonathan Anderson discovers seconds before a terrorist event that the target is his Federal building where he works. The blast topples the building killing his son, Matthew, who was in the building’s daycare facility.

Jonathan’s wife, Mary, is one of the people involved in the crime. She has good reasons. However, the event did not go as planned. Her family was supposed to have been away from the building. Mary never intended to kill her child and now that her son is dead, she begins questioning the whole event.

Blinded with the need for vengeance for his son, Jonathan decides to use his profound skills to solve the crime. Consumed with guilt, Mary’s main motivation is to find the person who should have made sure her family was away from the building before the explosion. As they both dig through the rubble, Jonathan remains blind to his wife’s involvement. Together they discover a masterful plot to displace the Democratic Government through a major terrorist event. Only Jonathan and Mary can stop it, unknowingly they may also be part of it.

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Ultimate Trouble Cover

How I Found Ultimate Trouble and Ultimate Trouble found Me

After I found trouble and then found even more trouble what was left to be found but Ultimate Trouble. How I Found Ultimate Trouble is the concluding chapters to my How I Found Trouble series with more embarrassing stories about my adventure through life that are mostly true and incredibily funny. For those of you who know me, you know I’ve been everywhere, and done about everything; some things planned and some unplanned. When the unplanned turned into chaos and the chaos turned into disaster it is there that I found Ultimate Trouble. I hope you enjoy.

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Redeeming Joshua Cover

Redeeming Joshua

The switch from NCAA Division 2 to Division 1 football has not gone well. A dismal season! A dismal life! Everything has gone wrong for Coach Jimmy Jones until he receives a videotape from a rival college that shows highlights of a high school player who can save his career. The prospect has size, speed and an arm like John Elway’s. The only question is why would a neighboring University’s athletic director send this tape to him. This is a story about a coach who desperately needs to recruit this player to save his own life, and a player that does not want to be recruited. The merging of their paths will change them both forever.

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Aaron's Ride Cover

Aaron’s Ride

Aaron Zalkand is about to take the ride of a lifetime away from his small hometown in upstate New York to the bustling Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. Failing to live up to the expectations of his successful parents, Aaron buys a Harley Davidson and tries to run away from the pain of growing up and a world in which he no longer fits. Everything turns out to be more than he could have ever imagined, from the grueling motorcycle trip to Texas, to the tough and surly inhabitants of his new apartment complex and the emotional effects of leaving the only people and place that he has ever known. However, in his quest for escape he finds a new life that brings out parts of him that he never knew existed and friends and experiences that change him forever.

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More Trouble Cover

How I Found More Trouble and More Trouble Found Me

Who would have ever guessed that there could be even more trouble than in Jeffrey Shapiro’s first book, How I found Trouble and Trouble Found Me, but yes, there’s more, a whole lot more. In this edition master story teller Jeffrey Shapiro delves into episodes that will take hold of you and then make you cringe before laughing out loud as the stories go from good to bad to worse to unbelievably funny. Taken from actual embellished tales from the author’s life, Jeffrey’s stories have been heralded by critics as gut busting fun for all ages.

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Trouble Cover

How I Found Trouble and Trouble Found Me

How could one person find so much trouble? It seemed that everything that Jeffrey did turned into a humiliating disaster for him, his family or his childhood and adult friends. From riding mini-bikes in the beautiful Adirondack mountains, to catching the record fish at a private lake, to shooting holes in his brother-in-law’s roof with a shotgun, Jeffrey naively continued on a pattern of humorous adventure. Based on a collection of true and slightly exaggerated stories, How I Found Trouble and Trouble Found Me will charm you with the magic of life’s experiences.

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