Endless views of love and compassion

I have super-powers, do you?
I have a reason for sharing this with you
Because I want to let the genie out of the bottle
And never let him back inside
These powers are unfathomable
Just outside all comprehension
When you see me all you can describe is my appearance
But imagine, there is an entire universe inside
My powers make me one of the sweetest creatures in this world
A creature of mildness
As fluid as melting ice
And from every angle, showing the perfect view
Let’s go! Let’s discover your super-powers
We must search like an 8-month-old crawling into a new day of adventure
Start with a fairy-tale
And keep everything in easy-listening words
There they are, do you see them? They are like a mountain hiding beneath the fog
At the base there is strength, then purposefulness, then hope and faith
On your summit I can see endless views of love and compassion
Ha! I knew they were in there
Now, go show the world!
I love you,

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